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Sarah Quintana's new "feel-good music" project comes out in 2024. New Band, new sound and new songs, featuring all-star lineup— Rex Gregory, Jason Jurzak, Rose Cangelosi, Chris Beros-Hagis and special guests Leyla McCalla, Louis Michot of the Lost Bayou Ramblers and Corey Ledet. Quintana strives to leave her mark on our beloved city with her best efforts to claim her Louisiana roots as an artist with arrangements of New Orleans hits from the 60's, Cajun covers, French blues and addictive, upbeat originals.


A fierce guitarist with an angelic voice— Sarah Quintana weaves the rich influences of cajun, jazz and folk music into her songwriting. Quintana is looking back on a decade of music--collaborations with Louisiana-based artists like Michael Doucet, Leyla McCalla, The New Orleans Moonshiners and looking forward to releasing her next, full-length solo-album in 2024. 

"Quintana is a great addition to New Orleans expression. Her music is refreshing as rainfall."
John Swenson, OffBeat Magazine

Now Streaming!

in Marseille

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