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Sarah Quintana

Sarah Quintana

Sarah Quintana is a singer-songwriter from New Orleans with a background rich in jazz, folk and popular music. She is a charming performer, devoted guitarist and her voice is instantly recognizable. Quintana attended The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and received a CODOFIL heritage scholarship, which sent her to France as a teen. Quintana splits her time between the US and France, working alongside Michael Doucet of BeauSoleil, saxophonist Raphael Imbert, touring on her own repertoire with French and American musicians. Quintana is a member of the Pantheatre (Linda Wise and Enrique Pardo) as well as a hatha yoga instructor. In her latest studio recording, Daddy Lies (Independent 2017), Quintana collaborates with Mark Bingham. Quintana grew up in New Orleans where live music is ingrained in many aspects of daily life. In 2010 she went from singing on the streets of Provence with a traveling circus, to the stages of the Jazz and Heritage Festival and later, the Lincoln Center for Mid-Summer Swing with The New Orleans Moonshiners. In 2012, Quintana was awarded an artist residency at A Studio in the Woods where she composed “Miss River,” music with water. Connect IG: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Tip! Venmo: @sarah-quintana-3 “Letters from the Porch” is the brainchild of Drs. Anjali Niyogi and Kendra Harris, and is co-curated and produced by free feral and Jebney Lewis. Our series cinematographers and editors are Marion Hill, Zuri Obi, and Zac Manuel. Holden Mauk is our sound editor. Jinks Holladay designed our logo, font, and graphics. Wanna know more about us? Check out our website! Support for this series is provided by: Xylem Watermark, Xylem's Corporate Social Responsibility Program - Tulane Frontline Providers Fund: Green Wave Heroes - The Phyllis M Taylor Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking -
Sarah Quintana  To Marseille with love
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